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For many years we had been supplying sunscreens to sports men and women with a wealth of feedback that made us realise that many of these sunscreens do not live up to the expectations of their users, especially where water and sweat were key factors. With this in mind, and following a lot of research, our new sunscreen, INTEGO PRO, slowly came into being. In 2018 we formed a small team, researching, formulating and testing, with the main goal of creating the ultimate sports sunscreen, a product that will suit the demands of the most intense and extreme athlete. INTEGO PRO has been carefully designed and created by a team of sports enthusiasts and formulated by very experienced cosmetics experts, who appreciate how important a reliable sunscreen is to professional athletes.

Intego Pro Heart Rate Graphic - grey 70-

Testing is extremely important to us.

Globally, different regions have their own standards and we wanted to ensure that we met the needs of the highest standards out there. This is why our sunscreens are tested by labs in Australia as they have some of the highest expectations from their sunscreens in the world.

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Another important factor is personal health and the environment.

Environmentally, many sunscreens can be highly toxic especially in respect of aquatic life, and this was something we wanted to be 100% aware of. Gradually certain sunscreen and cosmetics ingredients are being banned in different parts of the world, so naturally we have kept well away from these. Each ingredient in our formulation has been carefully considered for both its risks and benefits.


More personally, we all need to be confident that anything we put on or in our body will not do us any harm. Again, many everyday sunscreens contain ingredients that can have a whole range of damaging effects to our health, with the excuse being that the benefit of sun protection outweighs the risk. We didn’t believe that was a necessary risk and again reviewed each ingredient to limit personal health risks.


We know that INTEGO PRO is a safe and effective sunscreen that performs in the most demanding conditions, and this will continue to be our focus as we continue to develop and bring out new products.


Our beliefs also cross over into our daily business operations as we continually strive to ensure that the impact of our decisions is as limited as possible. Whether it is consideration of packaging products or transportation, we will be focused on choosing the right one!

Reliable protection in unpredictable and demanding environments.

Continued development to ensure cutting edge protection.

From ocean crossings to mountain passes, endurance cycling to riding waves, INTEGO PRO helps keep your skin safe and protected from the beating sun.

IntergoPro 50+ 75ml Tube
IntergoPro 30 75ml Tube
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