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Halyard Bag Dimensions: Length 210mm by Width 190mm


The Rooster Halyard Bag - designed for use on a dinghy to keep ropes tidy, but suited to any size boat as somewhere to stash essentials like your tube of IntegoPro sunscreen.


Attachment recommendations: You can simply attach it to your boat using the 3M self-adhesive velcro strip that is supplied with the bag. Or, for a more permanent solution, you can secure using self-tapping screws (with penny washers) through the reinforced webbing top (screws not included with the bag).


We also stock a larger version of this bag if you have a need for more storage..

Featuring a durable webbing construction with mesh panels to prevent water pooling and is complete with velcro closure at the top with just enough gap at either side to allow your halyard tails to enter the bag in a neat fashion. Its a perfect size for snacks and tools. Really convenient - a must have on any boat... Or even useful in other places - maybe a caravan or workshop?  


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